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Lightweight Kayak Cart

Lightweight Kayak Cart

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Introducing our lightweight kayak cart, also known as an 'H trolley' weighs just 3.6kgs and can aid with transporting our Ranger and Shorty kayaks.

The two wheels set 50cm apart, are connected by a long horizontal bar. This setup ensures stability and balance, making the transportation of your kayak smooth and effortless.

Rising from the horizontal bar are two vertical bars, each 50cm in length, providing a maximum trolley height of 61cm. Each vertical bar can be adjusted to fit perfectly through 2 scupper holes in your kayak (just remove the scupper plugs and replace after use).

After transporting your kayak, the lightweight kayak cart can be easily broken down with it's quick-release tyres and then neatly stored under the bungee area at the rear of your kayak.

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